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Disney Infinity Trailer Unveiled

Disney has finally revealed Disney Infinity today. They are callling it a platform for its entire list of IPs. It is being developed by Avalanche Software, who has developed for Disney in the past with Toy Story 3 and Cars 2, both of which were critically successful. The game's concept was said to have been influenced and derived from Toy Story 3's "Toy Box Mode," which allowed players to explore and customize a sandbox-style world. Following Skylanders' marketing campaign, Disney has announced "play sets" for the game. The three play sets Disney has announced for Infinity thus far are based on Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster's Inc., and Incredibles franchises as all three are included in the game's starter set.  Each "play set" comes with a set of toys that allows the gaming individuals to bring into their games. (Sound familiar)

Each "play set" has a story-mode built in that will remain faithful to the license it represents. Infinity's "Toy Box Mode" has you comepleting missions at your leisure to teach the player about the game's mechanics. You also have the power to literally craft your own worlds and levels to create an experience that differs from others.  Infinity launches in June 2013 and Disney has taken the responsibility for listing the prices for parents ahead of time.

It appears that Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Mr. Incredible, Mike Wazowski, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Barbossa, Perry the Platypus, Davy Jones, Tow Mater, Jack Skellington, Violet, and even new Disney porperties like, Wreck it Ralph, are being represented already. If none of those names ring a bell, this game I'm afraid is one you should pass on.  

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Disney's clashing of properties.                 


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