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Disney Tags Tim Allen and Tom Hanks for “Jungle Cruise”

Tim Allen and Tom Hanks look to collaborate yet again for Walt Disney Pictures to shoot Jungle Cruise, another film based on a popular theme park attraction in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean. Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Roger S.H. Schulman (Shrek) will write the screenplay, set to be produced by The Fighter producers Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman. According to Deadline Hollywood, Disney has yet to secure a director.

The concept for the film, based on the ride at Magic Kingdom, has been on the docket for quite some time. It definitely sounds like an … interesting concept. Don’t expect the swashbuckling action that came with the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks; these are much older actors. As such, this could be much more family oriented.

Allen and Hanks boast remarkable chemistry as Buzz Lightyear and Woody in the Toy Story films, but will that carry over to the world of live-action? Allen’s films have never been the best, and Hanks’ streak as of late doesn’t exactly match up to his Oscar-winning films from the 1990s.

Families will no doubt flock to see this project with the proper marketing, but the jury’s still out on if it’ll be a good time for moviegoers of all ages.


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