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Divekick Slated For Spring 2013

Iron Galaxy Studios is teaming up with One True Game Studios to release Divekick, a unique fighting game available in Spring 2013 for the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and PC. Originally conceived as a parody of fighting games by Adam Heart, Editor-in-Chief of Shoryuken.com, Divekick became popular in the fighting community for its deceptive amount of depth and unorthodox "no fighting stick" design choice, which is more than likely set up for players who aren't veterans and feel disadvantaged when playing a player who has one. Divekick features two-button controls and precise timing, two of the many design decisions that made it popular amongst competitors. After the hunger of fans and hunger for his own dreams, Heart wanted to bring the game to a wider audience. He launched a kickstarter campaign in June 2012 to finish the PC release of the game and its goal was reached under a month. Even veteran fighter players are clammering for Heart's decision to reach newbies of the genre if the kickstarter dollar amount has anything to say about it. Or they are paying for their own benefit which of course is entirely possible.   

Iron Galaxy Studios known for their work on top tier fighting fighting franchises such as Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom seemed to be entranced by Divekick's bodasity offering their assistance and experience to aid Divekick in its journey to reach Heart's dream. The funded kickstarter was cancelled shortly afterwords to make way for a new collaboration was born resulting in additions to the game such as, GGPO-powered online support, a single-player campaign (featuring fighters from around the globe divekicking one another), and many other "shinies."

You can check here for more detailed info on the game. 

This is great news for fans of the fighting genre. According to the game's creator, Divekick is good at two things, which are teaching some of the basics of a fighting game to a player who may not be as acquainted with the meta and community of the fighting genre, and ending life-long "best friend" friendships. Just like how entertaining convulted bulls*** is exactly what good anime is, this is what a good fighting game should be.

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