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Do You Like Video Games And Have Ten Cents?

Those of you who have followed our coverage of Games For Windows and their week-long sale may have noticed a pattern.  On Monday they offered a game at 40% off.  Tuesday it was 50%, and each day this week they offered a ten percent increase in discount, until yesterday’s90% off sale on Bioshock.  Well, today they’ve taken the pattern to its logical conclusion, with a 99.% off sale on Age of Empires III: Complete Collection.  That is not a typo.  In fact, since the game normally costs $39.99 and today it’s being sold for ten cents, the discount is a bit closer to 99.75% off.

Age of Empires III is a strategy game released in 2005, and the Complete Edition has… 

You know, what?  Instead of describing all the features and expansion packs that come with this thing, let me just say this:

Do you like video games?

Do you have ten cents? 

If the answer to both questions is “Yes”, then head over to GamesForWindows.com and grab this.

Of course the catch is that you’ll have to create an account and sign up for the GFW service, and install their software, but, honestly is that such a big price to get a great game for ten cents?


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