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Don’t Play Kinect Games Before Nov. 4th

Due to retailer errors, several Microsoft fans across the country have received Kinect games early. These games are, of course, unable to be played before the official November 4th release of Kinect, but that did not stop some gamers who obtained early copies of Kinect launch titles to put them into their consoles.

I want to make it clear that you should not under any circumstances attempt to start up your Xbox 360 with a Kinect title inside until November 4th. The game effectively disables Xbox Live, due to the requirement of a system upgrade that is needed but not yet available.


Reportedly, this also updates your dashboard to the new dashboard that is being released alongside the Kinect. The update is supposed to further streamline the experience of Xbox Live and infuse it with Kinect compatibility features. This; however, is one update that you do not want early as it is not the latest version of the update. The dashboard will continuously try to update to the latest version which is not yet available, thus completely disabling Xbox Live until next Tuesday.

So be wary if you get an early copy of a Kinect game. If you value Live access over the weekend, you’ll need to remember that patience is a virtue.


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