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Don’t Trust the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Leak

"Don't Fall for it, True Believers!"
Fans of Marvel vs Capcom entered the new year with a surprise leak. Lots of information regarding new characters coming to the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite have been floating around the last few days. There's no doubt that a lot of fighting-game fans are excited with this massive leak, though some news seems too good to be true. According to the report, the supposed leak includes the following characters: 30574123894_f6994ceb5d_h Marvel: Iron Man Captain America Captain Marvel Thor Loki Hulk Ms Marvel Hawkeye Black Panther Spider-Man Ant Man Venom Daredevil Luke Cage Iron Fist Ghost Rider Ultron Punisher Thanos Star-Lord Doctor Strange Rocket (w/ Groot) Squirrel Girl Qwenpool Fing Fang Foom marvel_vs_capcom_infinite_mega_man_ryu Capcom: Ryu Mega Man X Morrigan Chun-Li Rashid Zangief Gill Tessa Talbain Roll Sigma Jin Edward Falcon Captain Commando Asura Dante Leon Ada Nina Simon Spencer Phoenix Wright Blackquill Masamune Date Rathalos June Frank West https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYIr3e3G-uk The leak also included detailed information as to why each character was included and the process behind it. Dante, for example, will feature his classic look to promote a new Devil May Cry set to be announced. There is also a mention that Power Stone characters are to be included to promote a revival to the franchise. Aside from the mentioned character, plot details were also included in the leak. It is stated that the main villain will be Ultron who is infect by the Sigma virus (from Mega Man X). These follow previous reports of Mega Man X being relevant to the plot, possibly stopping the infected Ultron before he does more damage to the universe. The supposed characters leak seems very safe and solid at first glance, but looks can be deceiving. NeoGAF user, Ryce has confirmed that this leak is indeed fake. Ryce was responsible in leaking Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite prior to its announcement at Sony's PlayStation Experience 2016. Aside from Ryce, Capcom has yet to make an official word confirming nor denying the list. Aside from the previously released characters that have been shown in trailers, there has been no additional detailed regarding other playable characters. In addition, the possible release of DLC characters have not been verified yet. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is scheduled to arrive later this year.


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