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Don’t We Just Love our Mobile Games?

Everyday all over the world, we constantly take time from whatever is in front of us to stare at our beloved smart phones. The extremely young market, begin just around the dawn of the Iphone in 2008 has ushered us into a new age of tiny apps trying to take up our life in 10 minute chunks. And for the most part, they are doing a great job. The new market has not only opened huge revenues but exposure to indie developers worldwide.

Flurry Analysis has been standing by watching the new market grow and in a five year anniversary they gave us someFlurry Analysis smartphone breakdown insight into what we are doing with our Smartphone. Watching over 300,000 apps and about a billion devices, we are mostly just kicking back playing games and checking Facebook (who would have though).  So for starters, we spend an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes just on our phones each day. The top chuck going to games at a sizable 32%.

While the top apps store’s (Apple and Google Play) best paid and free categories show a steady mix of game and apps, it is the time spent on those games. Free to play mmorpgs (Arcane Legend), casual real time games (Simpson’s Tap Out), and high quality games (Grand Theft Auto III) are truly to blame for why we can’t stop.

So far the 3DS and PS Vita haven’t crumbled under the Smartphone market like some fear, but micro transactions and ad revenue still generate millions of dollars. And where there is money, more is to come.  Just imagine what is to come, with Smartphone starting to support some impressive tech specs. All that is needed is the time and effort and portable gaming can keep its rapid growth.

So keep buying games, or even just accidentally click on an ad or two during your free game (I mean they deserve what they can get), because as long as we keep playing Minecraft, we can have get so much more from the amazing minds we already have. Read more on Flurry full statistics here and check back to Entertainment Fuse for more entertainment news.


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