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Doom Revealed at Quakecon 2014

Doom 4 has been the game on peoples lips since the release of Doom III some ten years ago and finally the game was revealed at QuakeCon 2014. Those who attended the 19th annual LAN party/PC game convention were in for a treat as live gameplay demos from the PC title showed off a multitude of the game. The game wasn't even streamed on Twitch and was kept in house for those luck enough to get a ticket.
The game however, will not be called Doom 4, but simply Doom, and it will take place on Mars. According to Executive Producer Marty Stratton, the game will be going back to what made the original great: fast action, run-and-gun, inventive and creative combat. He also explained that Doom will be running on id Tech 6, a much-needed update to the years-old technology that has run previous games from id (and struggled with texture pop-in and other technical problems).
A lot of strafing appeared in the footage shown, as well as new features such as jetpacks – which put a new emphasis on finding higher ground and climbing up out of the way of enemies. There are also finishing moves, of all things, with enemies flashing when they’re near death and allowing you to pull off jaws, stomp on skulls, and pull out hearts. The iconic chainsaw is also involved.  The mechanic that everyone’s going to be talking about for the rest of QuakeCon, though, is the hand-to-hand finishing moves. After significantly damaging an enemy, they’ll flash and highlight. By stepping close, the player is able to start a variety of combat moves that would be more at home in Mortal Kombat than most shooters.
The game is being developed on the new id Tech 6 engine, which is promising to ‘support’ 1080p and 60 frames per second. The game will be released on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC although when it’ll be out is unknown but apparently there were two separate gameplay demos, suggesting the game may be far enough along for a 2015 release.


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