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Doritos Crash Course Review

Doritos Crash Course is a platformer developed by Behaviour Interactive.  This Xbox Live game is the next installment in free Doritos line of games.  Last year’s Dash of Destruction left a lot to be desired even thought it was a free game.  Does Doritos Crash Course surpass last year’s Doritos game?

Crash Course is a straight platformer.  You go through each level jumping over obstacles and dodge swinging hammers.  The Crash Course is setup like Wipeout the TV show.  You have to get to the other end of the course as fast as you can.  Depending on what time you get determines what kind of medal you receive.  Surprisingly Crash Course has finesse when it comes to jumping over obstacles.  If you lightly tap the jump button you will do a little hop, but if you hammer down on the button you will get some height to your jumps.  The game is straight forward and there is not much to it.

The game has three different zones with five levels per zone.  The three different zones are broken up into USA, Europe, and Japan.  Each zone and level gets progressively harder and takes some time to pass.  Most of the levels take less than two minutes to get through, but there is one level that will test your patience.   It is in the Japan zone and if you do not chicken your way through it.  It can take a considerable amount of time to finish your first time through.  Thankfully there are checkpoint gates in every level and if you do fall off the platform or get knock off of the platform, you will start back at the checkpoint immediately.  That load times are fast, granted it is a small game but, switching between each level and zone only takes a matter of seconds.  This helps keep the pace of the game going.


Whenever you come across a hard section you have the option of chickening out.  In order to chicken out you would have had to fallen or gotten squashed five times.  Once that happens you are able to push the shoulder button to skip to the next checkpoint gate.  But there is a down side to chickening out.  If you chicken out, then your time for the course will not count.  Instead there will be a picture of a chicken.  The chicken feature helps if you are playing with someone that is not as good as you.  This helps anyone’s character catch back up to their opponent.

Local multiplayer is the best way to play this game.  You can have up to four players at a time.  You don’t actually see the other opponent on your screen, you see a cardboard cut-out of there avatar floating in the background behind you.  This helps because you will never miss a jump because they are never in your way.  There are some weird things going on in the background while people are playing.  You will get to see some weird things.  Like in the USA zones there will be Mount Rushmore and King Kong with horns in the background waving at you. 

What is even weirder is that since this is a Doritos sponsored game, for the most part Doritos are not featured anywhere but only in the title.  You would think that some of the hammers would be in the shape of a Doritos chip or when you fall off of a platform you would not land in water but in a big mound of Doritos.  They did a great job not stuffing Doritos ads down your throat. 


Now since this is a free game it doesn’t make it perfect.  After you play it through once by yourself or with friends or family.  You will for the most part not want to go back to it again.  The only reason would be to try and make it back through a course without chickening out or to collect more achievements.  The game is fun for the first hour but after that it gets boring.    

 It is nice to see your avatar running through each course.  Watching them get smacked by a hammer or squished by a meat grinder never gets old.  They like to make you avatar do goofy dances at the end and beginning of each level.  There is something about watching your avatar do the moon walk and kick there leg out like Michael Jackson.

This is a no brainer for Doritos Crash Course.  You can never go wrong with a free game.  The Doritos advertising is not overbearing or insulting.  The gameplay holds up for an hour or two.  But after that it gets really boring and stale.  After you play through it once you will probably not want to go through it again.  You will enjoy your short time with it even if you don’t like Doritos.



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