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DotA 2 Cinematic Trailer Launched

While Valve's upcoming multiplayer strategy game DotA 2 has certaintly grabbed headlines recently with the announcement of a one million dollar tournament set to take place at this years Gamecom, most gamers still haven't seen any screenshots or gameplay footage of the game itself. Until now. Valve have revealed the cinematic trailer for DotA 2 in the lead up to their tournament. Check it out below:

The trailer shows off the game's item salesman, as well as several of the playable heroes and their abilities. The trailer's narration talks about what makes a hero, and it also hints towards the games art style which looks to be somewhere between League of Legends cartoony cel-shaded look and Heroes of Newerth's shiny visual style.

Much like their recently announced Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve is currently running a closed beta of DotA 2 for hardcore DotA players and it will be interesting to see how these testers play in the upcoming tournament. Personally, I'm quite interested in DotA 2 since it's so far removed from all of Valves other games, and I'm quite interested to see if Valve adds more story elements that DotA and other MOBA games lack.

DotA 2 is currently slated for release in late 2011 for the PC.


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