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DoW II: Retribution Multiplayer Beta Starts Today

A reminder to Dawn of War II owners: you will get a chance to test out and help balance the multiplayer of Relic's new Retribution expansion starting today (February 1st) if you preordered the game through the Steam distribution platform, or have a DOW II forum account that was created before January 25. If you have purchased or registered any of the Dawn of War II games (this includes either the base game or the standalone Chaos Rising expansion), you receive access to the beta starting February 8th. This is all in preparation to create a "Day-Zero" balance patch.

The game will ship with a campaign tailored for each of the game's six races, the well-known Last Stand survival gamemode, and the prolific multiplayer. It will release on the 1st of March through the Steam platform with special campaign items (wargear) for your choice of one of the six races, and a collector's edition can also be preordered online through THQ's online store, which includes all six sets ofwargear as well as a special poster, six race art cards and a high-quality collector's box.


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