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“Downfall” Director to Return to World War II

Oliver Hirschbiegel made a real splash back in 2004 when he directed the Oscar-nominated World War II drama Download, telling the last days of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. Variety reports that Hirschbiegel is going to return to World War II by directing the drama Georg Elser. Johann Georg Elser was a carpenter who attempted to assassin Hitler and other high ranking Nazis on November 8 1939 in Munich by placing a bomb in the Bürgerbräukeller. Elser was arrested and sent to Dacau Concentration Camp and was executed days before the war ended. georg elser As well as making the excellent Downfall, renounced for his complex and realistic depiction of Hitler and the end of war, Hirschbigel has had success with Das Experiment and the British/Irish drama Five Minutes of Heaven. But he has made some turkeys, them being his remake The Invasion which was reshoot by James McTeigue and last year's critical flop Diana. Georg Elser not only boasts the talents of Hirschbigel: it is set to star The White Ribbon's Christian Friedel and Burghart Klaußner and Katharina Schüttler (Generation War). Sophie Scholl scribe Fred Breinersdorfer has written the script. Georg Elser is set to be released on April 2, 2015 in Germany, 70 years after his death.


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