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Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition Rewards Gamers

Dragon Age 2 is already set to be one of the biggest titles of 2011. In an effort to reward fans for their loyalty, BioWare announced today a special version of Dragon Age 2 is now available for pre-order. Touted as a “Signature” edition, this version of Dragon Age 2 is packed with exclusive bonuses that hardcore Dragon Age fans will love and here's the kicker—If you act now, you can get all this for no additional cost.

In addition to the full version of Dragon Age 2, the Signature Edition comes with $20 worth of bonus content. Gamers will receive a plethora of digital extras, ranging from a variety of exclusive weapons, a copy of the soundtrack and access to a special playable character and mission.

Dragon Age 2 doesn't hit store shelves until March but in order to take advantage of the Signature Edition you will need to act before January 11th 2011.

Head over to the official Dragon Age 2 site in order to pre-order and get more information.


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