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Dragon Age Going Anime

All you Dragon Age: Origins and anime fans will be very excited to know that BioWare and FUNimation Entertainment have signed a deal to produce a direct-to-DVD, feature-length anime movie based on BioWare’s Dragon Age universe. According to a press-release, the movie has already gone into production and is scheduled for a 2011 release. Fans looking for even more Dragon Age lore should be sure to pick this movie up, and hope it holds them over until a sequel to DA:O is released.

The Dragon Age movie joins BioWare’s other media spin-offs, including a series of Mass Effect 2 comics that bridge the gap between the first and second games, and a Dragon Age machinima known as Warden’s Fall.

This may not be the biggest piece of news considering BioWare's track record, but one has to wonder how well these multimedia spin-offs are received by general audiences and gamers alike? Do gamers, in general, really enjoy going out of their way to pick-up every book, comic, or movie just to fill-in any gaps in the back story and hopefully continue the experience they enjoyed in the game? Or do most gamers just stick to the video game itself and say to hell with the rest?


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