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Dragon Age Legends Flash Game Now On Facebook

If you've somehow already done all that there is to do in Dragon Age 2, but still need some more RPG action in the Free Marches, then head over to Facebook and try out Dragon Age Legends, a free-to-play flash game based on the Dragon Age franchise.  Even if you haven't had your fill of Dragon Age 2 yet, you will still want to take a look at Legends, because playing through this tie-in game will let you unlock bonus items that your character can use in DA2.  

There are five different items that you can get, and they include two rings, a belt and a couple of amulets which boost various stats.  These would certainly come in handy at the beginning of the game, especially for players who haven't picked up any of the pre-order bonus items.

The game is actually much better than you'd think (At least for a Facebook game), and should keep fans of the DA series entertained for a while, as they complete all of the quests needed to get those special items for DA2. Anyone with a Facebook account can access the game HERE for free.  Act fast, because these unlockable items are only available until March 31st, 2012


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