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Dragon Age Ultimate Edition Now Available

Last year’s award-wining fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins by Bioware certainly came with “Enough” content, right out of the box, yet Bioware persisted in a continuous torrent of expansion packs and downloadable content, right up the last month’s final installment Witch Hunt which brought the story to its conclusion.  Some gamers were happy for the additional material, others felt that it should have been included in the game in the first place, while the most-clever Bioware fans kept our mouths shut and waited for the inevitable Game Of The Year Edition which would compile it all in one box at a nice discount.

The GOTY edition is now available, only it’s called the “Ultimate Edition”.  This version of the game includes the main Dragon Age game that has about 60 hours of gameplay (Plus Bioware’s strong incentives to play through multiple times).  It also has the expansion pack Awakenings which raises the level cap, adds new party members and let’s players explore the new kingdom of Amaranthine.  Ultimate Edition also has the bonus DLC packs that were available at launch, The Stone Prisoner, which adds a sarcastic Golem to your party, and Warden’s Keep which adds an additional quest and base for your party.

This edition also gives you all the DLC packs released since launch, starting with Return to Ostagar; a download that added the option to revisit earlier parts of the game.  Darkspawn Chronicles allows players to explore an alternate version of the storyline where your character fights for the evil Darkspawn instead of against them.  Leliana’s Song let’s you play as Leliana, the game’s hot, French, bisexual. redhead bard.  Golems of Amgarrak is the High-level content for players seeking an extra challenge.  Finally, the recently released Witch Hunt allows players to follow up on a certain subplot that brings the Origins story to its conclusion.  Also included is the “Feast Day gifts and pranks” pack which added some minor features.

At $49.99, the Ultimate Edition is a great deal for RPG fans who haven’t tried the game yet.  It’s also a slight bargain for people who bought the original release, but held off on the DLC and expansion; the launch day DLC costs $22, the post-release DLC comes out to $29, and the Awakening expansion goes for $29.99 so you’d save yourself about 10-32 dollars if you just buy it all in this edition, depending on whether or not you bought one of the editions which came with The Stone Prisoner and Warden’s Keep.


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