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Dragon Age Ultimate Edition?

Rumors continue to gather over the speculation of a Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition. It was recently reported that the name had been leaked onto Gamestop’s site and hastily removed. The next DLC for Origins is Witch Hunt—a story arc that definitively concludes the end of the Origins story. It’s not out of the question to think that EA would like to keep the Ultimate Edition shrouded in mystery in order to help sales of the DLC. It is believed that The Ultimate Edition will include all of Origins cumulative DLC so in addition to Witch Hunt, players would get:


Warden’s Keep

The Stone Prisoner

Return to Ostagar

Dark Spawn Chronicles

Leliana’s Song

Golems of Amgorrak

The entire Awakening expansion


Every piece for sixty dollars sounds fair to us. It would be a nice way to package all the content together in time for Dragon Age 2 which drops March 8th in 2011. Speaking of Dragon Age 2, the game appears to have a new focus on combat the same way Mass Effect 2 greatly altered its gameplay to emphasize action. Bundling all of Origins would make it easier to section off the past content and alleviate any confusion between the two games. Look for The Ultimate Edition to be officially announced a few weeks after Witch Hunt is released.  


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