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“Dragon Tattoo” actress Rapace in running for “Alien” prequel

One cannot argue against the fact that Ridley Scott altered the horror and sci-fi landscape with his 1979 film Alien. Now, 30 years after his original film, Scott hopes to return to the franchise that helped launch his name, in the form of a prequel. It being an “Alien” project means it'll have a strong female lead. Deadline reports that Noomi Rapace, internationally recognized for playing Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its subsequent sequels, is rumored to be in talks to play the lead.

It's far from an uninteresting choice as Rapace has not only received widespread acclaim for her role as Lisbeth, a strong female lead, but has already started making headway in the Hollywood circuit, having just been signed to the Sherlock Holmes sequel as a gypsy character. Her involvement in the “Alien” prequel is still rumored and not confirmed.

News of this casting rumor comes at an interesting time due to the project's recent troubles during pre-production, particularly between Scott and 20th Century Fox. Several outlets are reporting that the project has been put on hold due to economic and creative differences between Scott and Fox.

For one, Scott wants the film to be shot in 3D and is stating a $250 million budget is necessary for the film to be made. Further, Scott refuses to make a film rated any lower than R, wishing to incorporate higher levels of violence and horror. Fox, however, fears the heightened budget on an R rating and would prefer the film go the route of its recent “Alien vs. Predator” films (the first being rated PG-13), in an attempt to keep their sizable teenage demographic intact for a theatrical release.

Such a disagreement could lead Scott to exit the project entirely and send Fox on the search for a new director. However, losing Scott could kill a sizable amount of momentum for the project as many fans of the franchise were more than excited to see the original director return to the franchise he helped build. Time will tell.

Rapace and British actress Carey Mulligan have both been attached rumor-wise to this female lead. 


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