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Drew Pearce to Write ‘The Mighty’ for Paramount

Scribe Drew Pearce became synonymous with the superhero scene upon creating, producing, and writing for the televised superhero satire No Heroics. After that, he was hired to pen a script for Marvel’s Runaways, and now he’s on board to write for yet another project about superheroes.

Paramount has snagged Pearce to give DC Comics’ The Mighty a film adaptation according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog. The comic focuses on a police officer’s suspicions about an adored hero and his potential connection to a series of murders.

Although we’ve seen quite a few superhero movies over the last few years – and will continue to see them for even longer – The Mighty seems to be offering a different take on superheroes than most mainstream films are. Hopefully that’ll translate well to the silver screen.


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