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Drew Pearce Will Write “Iron Man 3” Script

Many thought that Shane Black would be writing the script for Iron Man 3 considering his experience in writing, but that won’t be the case. According to Deadline Hollywood, Drew Pearce, who wrote the script for Marvel’s planned feature Runaways, has hopped on board to fill screenwriting duties.

Pearce and Black will work close together on the script, which could mean that Black gets some co-writing credit in the end. Disney still plans for the film to be released on May 3, 2013.

Though it’s not a news story that comes with tons of details, it’s still an intriguing story. Pearce has no experience in the field of motion-picture writing, but apparently Marvel liked what they saw with his recent Runaways script. Additionally, since Black will be working close with him, we can expect a pretty awesome script. Then there's the fact that Robert Downey Jr. will probably have his say in the final product.


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