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Driveclub and The Order 1866’s Release Windows Revealed

The Playstation Official Magazine reported that earlier today during Sony UK's Playstation Vita announcement Fergal Gara commented on the release window for two of Sony's biggest upcoming Playstation 4 exclusives.  Gara notes that the year gets started in a few weeks with Infamous Second Son, next comes Driveclub, and finally Sony Santa Monica's The Order 1866 is "coming later this year."

This is the full quote:
"Things kick off again in a short few weeks with the launch of Infamous Second Son, another great first party title starting to push the boundaries of what the PS4 can do. We have Driveclub, again coming from our first party studios, and we have The Order 1866 coming later in the year.  So that's just a flavour of what our own studios are bringing out this year."


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