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Dual Wielding Is for Sissies

The new trailer for The Darkness 2 confirms what shooter fans already know: Duel Wielding is for pansies!  Real men Quad Wield, and the latest gameplay video shows that players in The Darkness 2 will be able to use four weapons as once, AS GOD INTENDED!

The noobs in Halo 2 thought they were uber when they discovered the Plasma Pistol/ Sub-machine gun combo, but that has nothing on what you can do in this new shooter by 2K  Games where you can have a revolver, a machine gun, and a pair of demon tentacle thingies, all at once.  That should be enough deadly phallic symbols for anyone.

The demon arms can be used to attack enemies, and manipulate the environment, including juggle attacks that send enemies flying into the air, where they make helpless targets for the more conventional firepower.

Delayed from its June 2011 launch date to February 2012, the game takes place two years after the events of the first Darkness, and players will again control the demon mobster Jackie Estacado as he struggles to control the supernatural forces within him, as he simultaneously fights a mob war.  The Darkness 2 comes out February 7th 2012 for PC, Xbox and Playstation.



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