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DuckTales #1 – Group Review

We've had duel reviews and now we have a triple-threat review! That's right so many of us had an interest in Duck Tales that we decided that it was best that all of us chime in on the return of one of Disney's most beloved afternoon cartoons. We'll start with the synopsis from Kaboom! and then move right into the heart of the review!

DUCKTALES is back! The hit Disney Afternoon TV show makes a splash this month as an all-new, original ongoing comic book series! Written by the creator of the EPIC MICKEY video game and illustrated by the fan-favorite Disney duck artist Miquel Pujol, this is the latest and greatest revival of the Disney Afternoon Revolution that “might solve a mystery,” but will definitely “rewrite history!” Existing within the same continuity as BOOM!’s hit series DARKWING DUCK, find out why “life is like a hurricane!” 

Duck Tales #1 Cover BJorge:

The story of greed, corruption, double crosses, lifestyles of the rich and famous and an adventurous quest full of mortal danger; all that and more in a comic book for kids. That's right.... a comic with all those themes could only mean the return of Duck Tales uh-uh. Just like Darkwing Duck, the first issue featured a who's who of the supporting cast, either as part of the story or a quick cameo. This first story arc seems like a good way to reintroduce this series to new audiences and old fans alike. They are using the same formula from Rescue Rangers, attracting fans of the shows by maintaining the same continuity and at the same time keeping things fresh.

Unfortunately the art is not as great as the Darkwing series. Darkwing's comic book could attract any comic fan because the art is fresh, stylish and very modern. The color palette on that book is amazing; it feels like we are seeing a still from an animated featured. This is not the case in Duck Tales. The art is great and all but is not as vivid as Darkwing's, In fact is a combination of old school with a modern color palette, the comic looks good but it doesn't have the same attraction. The story stays true to the Duck Tales universe and it looks like is going to be epic fun. Overall the comic delivers good fun for everybody and most importantly, it will please new and old fans alike. The only thing missing is the Duck Tales theme song.


I read the first issue of Duck Tales and I was at first intrigued by the idea of having a comic book of a TV show I used to watch heavily as a little kid.  As I started reading this comic book, the art looked great and I was instantly taking back to the show, but once you get past the art and start reading the story I was quickly turned off by the book, especially after reading Scrooge McDuck’s parts. The book makes Scrooge look like a real jerk and he is proud of it.  I for one didn’t care for him and I wished he kept his mouth shut and let the kids get into their adventure instead of making Scrooge the main character of the book, because if I remember correctly the show was about the kids instead of Uncle Scrooge. I guess the only panel I enjoyed in this whole book was the one point landing from Launchpad. This felt very much like the show and I chuckled when I saw this in the book.  Everything else was very boring and very uninspiring and not the return Duck Tales deserved.
Duck Tales #1 Cover A

I have to say I was pretty disappointed by the first issue. Warren Spector seemed like an amazing choice to write the book, but as it turns out he may not have been. Instead of this feeling like the Duck Tales cartoon show, it comes across as another chapter in the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. If this book was trying to pick up where the show left off it missed two key things. 1) The star of Duck Tales was never Scrooge; he was just the Cog that turned the plots forward. He was essentially the Danny Tanner of the show; occasionally spotlighted, but never the star. 2) This book is not for children in the least bit. As an adult I found the story to be muddled with too many characters and a plot line that will be completely missed by children. Also the dialog is off. Something about it makes the characters come across conceited.  I really wanted to like this book since the cartoon was a staple of my childhood, but this comic really disappointed. Also Webbigail is the worst Duck Tales character and she practically in every scene.

Well there you have it, three different points of view on the issue. But don't let ours be the only opinion heard! Sound off in the comments or the message board on what you thought of Warren Spektor's Duck Tales.


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