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Duke Nukem Forever Delayed Until June

Randy Pitchford isn't too excited about it. Duke Nukem Forever, having been in the works since 1997, and one of the most notorious vaporware products ever, is seeing another month-long delay. No reason has been given for the delay, but a few believe it may be because of mediocre and mixed reactions to the demos shown at recent conferences and conventions. The good thing that came from this, however, is a hilarious video featuring Gearbox's charismatic CEO.

Duke Nukem has always been a series revered with utmost respect and pride, despite the lewd and crude nature of its humor. It paved the way for a lot of modern games and concepts, and was arguably just as influential in its game design as Doom and Quake. Forever promises to take the series into the modern age, and give plenty of callbacks and references to Duke Nukem 3D and some of the other titles that came out since. The wait has been long, and the game has become legendary. Hopefully, this delay time will allow them to iron out any kinks that the game may still have, and make it worth the 14 year wait. And at least it'll be better than Manhattan Project. Probably.

Duke Nukem will hit store shelves on June 14. Maybe. 


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