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Duke Nukem Forever DLC Detailed

To a universal sigh of indifference, Gearbox has released the first details of DLC for its critically panned title Duke Nukem Forever. The DLC, named "Hail to the Icons Parody Pack," will be available this fall and will be entirely multiplayer-focused.

The pack will contain four new maps, four new weapons and three new modes. The new maps are said to be evocative of legendary shooters such as Doom, and more modern hits like Call of Duty.  Freeze Tag, Hot Potato and free-for-all Hail to the King will feature as the game's new modes.

Gearbox did not confirm a price for this DLC but it was stated previously that any multiplayer add-ons for Duke Nukem Forever would sell at a tentative 10 dollars across all platforms. Members of the First Access Club, which is those of you that may have preordered the game from certain stores or purchased the Borderlands Game of the Year edition, will receive the "Hail to the Icons" pack completely free. Lucky you. I am interested to see how well this sells as the multiplayer in Duke Nukem Forever was downright awful, so I can’t imagine it commands a strong community of players. Although, the game did manage to be released and actually do well sales-wise, so stranger things have happened I suppose.


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