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Duke Nuken Forever “Balls of Steel Edition” Allegedly Coming Out

After hearing about this game for fifteen years, I won't believe that Duke Nukem Forever has been released until AFTER I play it.  Even when I hold the disk in my hands and see it installing, I'll cling to my skepticism until after I have finished the game and determined it to be a completed product.  Now the publishers of this game, 2K are trying to convince me that they're also releasing a collectors edition called the "Balls of Steel Edition", which only adds to my sense of disbelief.  Regardless, I'm sure it'll look nice on my shelf next to collection of unicorn horns and phoenix eggs.

The cryptozoologists who claim to have seen it say that the Balls of Steel Edition comes with some items that are beyond the standard Collectible Tin Box sort of bonus items.  It will have a100-page hardcover book, a Duke 
Nukem comic book, a set of Duke gambling items (Card deck, poker chips and dice), a foldable "Papercraft", some postcards and stickers, and best of all, a bust of Duke Nukem to add that touch of elegance and class to your study.  The standard and Balls of Steel Editions both come out May third (Supposedly of 2011).  The Balls of Steel will run $99.99 which isn't a bad price if the game actually exists. 


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