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Dundee University Will Give You a Masters Degree in Comics

If you can wait till September 2011 and live in the UK you too can achieve such an honor. Thanks to a Scottish university by the name of Dundee University, who wants you to be the best geek you can be.

“Graduates on the course will study the impact of comics on the worlds of art, literature and popular culture. The university said students with an interest in the creative side of comics - as a writer or artist - would be able to enhance their practical skills, with workshops on script writing and artwork. And a PhD in comic studies will also be available to those who have completed the MLitt course. Dr Murray added: "Employability is an important consideration for any postgraduate program, and it lies at the heart of what we aim to do with this course.”

Oh and you have to buy your own bags and boards, and we don't cover minis, Sunday comics or trades. Nor will any Mt. Dew be allowed in class.

"Well, it seems that you have few skills and no experience... but, since you're into really into comic books and have a Masters to prove it, welcome to the team."



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