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Dungeon Defenders out this Winter on PSN

Trendy Entertainment has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that Dungeon Defenders will be coming to the PlayStation Network this winter, and will support PlayStation Move and 3D. Dungeon Defenders is a class based action game where up to 4 players can team up locally via split-screen or online (which will have split screen support as well) to take on waves of enemies. Players will choose one of four “Hero” classes and be able to learn new abilities, as well as upgrade various weapons and equipment.

Jeremy Stieglitz, founder of Trendy Entertainment writes that Dungeon Defenders takes inspiration by “the cooperative antics of Castle Crashers, along with the careful interplay of strategy and tactics in Defense of the Ancients”, as well as describing Dungeon Defenders as a sort of Tower defense, role-playing hybrid.

Jeremy also confirms that Dungeon Defenders will come with its own single player campaign, as well as survival and challenge missions, though the details of the two as of now are scarce. You can get all the details and view the full trailer in the official post on the PlayStation Blog.


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