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Dungeon Fighter Online Coming to XBLA

Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO), an already established title on the PC, is heading its way to Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) later this year. However, unlike the PC version, you'll have to break out your digital wallet for it.

On the PC, the title is similar to another Nexon developed game, Maple Story, where the client is free, the gameplay is free, but you can always pay for accessories to add to your character. Some might be cosmetic, but others can give you stat attributes. Although it might be tempting to gear-up your character for a few bucks, it’s not required and you can still play without the extra threads.

Originally the news made it sound like the title would be released the same way through XBLA, however Microsoft has now made it clear that the game will cost you. While they also stated that DFO will have "online multiplayer features," it's not clear if all the add-ons which the game is known for will be available.

This will be the first time that a Nexon game has come to a console. Most expected the widely popular side-scrolling action MMO Maple Story to be the first entry; however its arrival may now depend on the success of DFO

Softmax, the developer who brought RPG Magna Carta 2 to the Xbox 360, will be working on the console version, and Nexon and Microsoft will be splitting up localization duties.


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