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Dungeon Siege III Web Comic Launches On DarkHorse Digital

If you're looking forward to the new Dungeon Siege III, then you probably want to download or read the new comic as it fills in key story points for the up coming game. I've started reading it and it's pretty good for a tie-in comic, but I'll let Dark Horse tell you all the details.

From Dark Horse:

As previously announced at C2E2, fans will be reintroduced to the world of the Dungeon Siege®  video game franchise with an all-new digital comic revealing essential pieces of this epic role-playing saga!

Dungeon Siege III #1 CoverThe Dungeon Siege III web comic will deliver three exciting vignettes by writer Jeremy Barlow (Star Wars: Rebellion) and artists Iban Coello (Iron Man: Iron Protocols) and Sergio Abad (Transformers: Prime).  This will be the first comic to be available digitally through www.digital.darkhorse.com.

The 10th Legion has fallen, but heroism is not dead in the kingdom of Ehb, even as the Azunite faction continues their control… The three comics will be released weekly, each introducing one of the four playable heroes from the upcoming game, making this an absolutely essential experience for players.

Finally, an all-new, full-color print comic introducing the fourth character will be packaged with Dungeon Siege III exclusively at Wal-mart. Dungeon Siege III, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Inc., arrives on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and on Windows-based PCs on June 21, 2011.  The three Dungeon Siege III comics are now available for free download on DungeonSiege.com at the Dark Horse Digital Store. www.digital.darkhorse.com


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