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Dungeons Defenders Celebrates Its Steam Release WIth A New Trailer

Despite the PC Version of Dungeon Defenders missing its originally set June 2011 release date, the game is (finally) ready to come out on the PC via Steam and the developer Trendy Entertainment have announced a slew of cool items exclusive to gamers who pre-order the Steam version of the game.

Dungeon Defenders is a hybrid of tower defense and RPG genres that came out on PSN and XBLA late last year and despite the game originating as an indie title on the PC, the PC version hasn't been available all year. It is finally set for a release on October 19th via Steam and gamers who pre-order the Steam version will gain access to some cool new items, which are shown off in the new trailer for the game. Check it out below.

The preorder bonuses in question looks quite cool with players who preorder getting access to an Aperture Science Portal Device as well as four usable TF2 farmilliars (Heavy, Pyro, Engineer and Medic) who will help you out in battle.

Gamers concerned about missing out on these nifty items shouldn't worry too much as the preorder bonus will probably be re-released as DLC not too long after the games release on October 19th.


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