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Durarara! Episode 3 – Rampant Evil

The third episode of Durarara! begins with a bit of overlap from the second episode. We saw previously that the first day of school started and that Mikado Ryugamine and Anri Sonohara are in the same class together. On the second day the teacher asks for class representatives and Anri is quick to volunteer, but still comes off very shy. She asks if there’s a boy that will help her represent the class which is the norm (one girl, one boy). Mikado wants to join her as the class representative, but hesitates until he hears other boys talking about doing it. He stands up and volunteers while making awkward eye contact with Anri.

After school Masaomi give Mikado a hard time about being the representative saying that he’s just doing it to meet Anri. They then begin cruising for chicks as Mikado is reluctantly dragged along with Masaomi as he hits on girls five years older than him. After striking out they meet up with Mikado’s group of friends introduced in the first episode (and the opening credits) and it becomes apparent that Masaomi has some sort of obsession with the Dollars gang.
Durarara - Episode 3 Later still Masaomi notices Anri being picked on by a gang of pretty girls wearing angel wings. They’re picking on her because her friend that used to protect her is no longer around. Anri thought she had found her earlier, but instead found a girl with a severe neck scar that looked just like her. Masaomi wants to step in and save Anri, but doesn’t want to get beat up by the guy that’s with the girls. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a choice since Izaya Orihara was watching him and Mikado. He senses what Masaomi wants and pushes him into the middle of the conflict.

Then we are exposed to more of Izaya’s personality as he insults the pretty girls for being bully’s. The leader of the pack tries to insult him by calling him old, but Izaya’s not the type to care about trivial things. Izaya states that he can’t hit a girl, but he can do the next best thing by smashing her cell phone. He pulls out a knife and cuts the leader’s purse without her even seeing it, then stomps on her cell phone like a mad man.
Durarara - Episode 3

There’s a lot more to this episode, but frankly it falls into the “must see” category. The narrator switches again which has become the standard for the series, but the pacing and story-telling style remains the same. This episode will really hook you on the series. The action and dialog are fun and basically one of the reasons people like anime. If you enjoyed the first two episodes then you should consider buying the DVD from Bandai or Rightstuf after viewing this episode.

Story – 9.0

Plot – 8.5

Characters – 8.5

Action – 9.0

Animation – 9.0

Overall – 8.8



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