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Dust Collectors- Dead Space 2

Welcome to Dust Collectors, Player Affinity’s feature where we investigate whether or not the Collector’s Edition of a new game is really worth the extra money, or if you’re just buying some cheap plastic crap that will be gathering dust before you finish the game.  Today we’re looking at the bonus materials that come with the Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition.

For an extra twenty dollars, you can get a soundtrack CD, a "Rare Lithograph", some in-game items, and a replica of the Plasma Cutter weapon used in the game.  The soundtrack CD is about an hour of the spooky background music heard in the game.  While it is interesting, it's not the sort of thing you'd load onto your ipod and carry around with you.  The CD also has a five minute video about the making of Dead Space 2, and features interviews with the Audio Director and Composer.  This is a highly slimmed down version of the typical "Making of" videos that typically come with these collectors editions.
The "Rare Lithograph" is just a postcard-sized piece of paper with some concept art on it.  It's the sort of thing that would go straight in the garbage can if you were handed one at a video game convention. Usually Collectors Editions have something to the effect of an Art Book which features dozens of pages of this sort of material.

The in game items are a gun, and an alternate outfit for Isaac to wear.  Extra weapons and outfits are always a nice addition, so these items alone are worth a couple of dollars (And will probably be available as a two dollar DLC in the near future).

By far the main attraction in this set is the replica Plasma Cutter.  The good news is that it has a few moving parts, and it lights up when you pull the trigger.  It has three green LEDs on the barrel which resemble the three targeting lights from the game.  There's a white LED on the side of the gun too and it is bright enough that you could use it as novelty flashlight. It also comes in a box that has the logo of a fictional company from the game, and promotional information which explains that your new Plasma Cutter is "A mainstay in the toolkits of planetary engineers".  
Unfortunately, as you can see from the pictures, this replica is quite small.  I understand that this is about as big as it could get and still fit in a box that is the same height and width as a normal video game case, but it is disappointing to say the least.  That's an average-sized woman holding the gun in the picture above and you can see the handle is barely large enough to fit two of her fingers.  It's made of plastic, and feels rather flimsy. Anyone who plans to buy this for cosplaying will be let down by both the size and durability.  It is still an acceptable knick knack for your game shelf, but it does not make up for the lackluster nature of all the other extras in this edition.

Although I can image hardcore fans enjoying most of the items contained in this Collectors Edition, they don't justify the extra expense.  


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