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Duty Calls – The Call of Duty Parody

There's definitely something to be said for the qualities of Call of Duty, both bad and good. Many have parodied it in one way or another, but EA just brought it to the commercial level, with the Bulletstorm marketing game called Duty Calls. Duty Calls is a small, downloadable and free game that lasts about 4 minutes. As you can guess by the title, the game is a spoof of Call of Duty, and military shooters in general. 

It goes all the way with it's spoofing, from load screen brooding voices (Which poke some fun at Fallout's "War. War never changes") and slow motion shooting of bad guys. There's even the bloody red screen! The actual graphics and shooting are sub-par, as you would expect for a free marketing game, but it serves to make Call of Duty seem worse. Hopefully, Activision doesn't turn this around and make a Battlefield smear campaign. 

You can download it at the Duty Calls website for free.  The tech requirements are quite low, and the download is about 800MB.

Here's a trailer, as I don't want to spoil anything:


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