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Dynamite Releases Five-Page Preview of Bad Ass #1

In anticipation of the January 2014 release of its first issue, Dynamite Entertainment has put out a five-page preview (interior) of Bad Ass, an upcoming four-issue limited series.  As the title might suggest, Dead End isn’t your typical superhero—perhaps because he isn’t a superhero at all.  He’s an antihero if not a flat-out super-villain, but that’s not stopping him from pretending otherwise. dynamite-logo Created collaboratively by writer Herik Hanna and artist Bruno Bessadi, Bad Ass promises to be “pure black humor and action.”  In describing their motivation for Dead End’s character and the ensuing story, Bessadi called it, “a true tribute to—and parody of—American superhero comics.”  It will certainly be interesting to see in what ways Hanna and Bessadi, both French, perceive the popular genre, as well as how it stands up against other superhero satires. Already lauded for its “evil genius, sinister wit, and wild abandon,” Bad Ass is gaining notoriety and a subsequent following of nail-biters anticipating the January release.  The story follows masked vigilante, Dead End, as he parades about under the façade of a hero, when in actuality his motives couldn’t be more selfish.  He’s a “superhero” with a secret identity: a super-villain.  Will he be exposed for what he truly is, or will the masses continue to eat up his dangerous lies? What follows is the five-page preview described above:   BadAss01-Cov-Bessadi   BadAss1p1   BadAss1p2   BadAss1p3   BadAss1p4   BadAss1p5


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