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Dynamite Scores Voltron

A press release from Classic Media and World Event Productions indicates that Dynamic Forces, the parent company of Dynamite Entertainment, has acquired the rights to publish new comic books and graphic novels based on the classic Voltron property. Last spring, news leaked out that Moonstone Books had been outbid in an attempt to secure the Voltron license, although Moonstone did publish a Voltron coffee table book.

Dynamite has not yet announced the acquisition of the property or the date of release for its Voltron comic. The most recent Voltron comics were published by Devil’s Due, which acquired the license in 2002. Devil’s Due published a 5-issue miniseries followed by an 11-issue ongoing Voltron series that ended in 2005. A second 5-issue miniseries from Devil’s Due debuted in 2008 and marked the end of the modern era of Voltron comics.

With this, Voltron Force and a full-scale bidding war for the movie rights, it looks like everyone's favorite robot cats are back.


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