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E3 ’10: Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam This Winter

I like colons too. Long-winded and goofy title aside, Bad Company 2 will be getting an expansion pack set in Vietnam by the end of this winter. Sounds exciting, considering the only map packs that have been out so far have been the VIP map packs, which reuse existing maps and rejigger them to fit into different gametypes. At least they're free and Arica Harbor on Conquest is really something. Bring C4. A lot of it and you'll do fine. Not much has been said about it. It's just one of the many announcements from EA's E3 conference.

Anyway, I have a good reason to get back on Bad Company 2. Been waiting for that massive PC patch for months now, but it's starting to look like this'll get out before the patch does. 


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