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E3 ’10: Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2 PS3 Extras

It was rather surprising how many exclusive packages that Sony is acquiring. They're pulling a Microsoft on us. The latest in Sony's acquisitions is it getting a Medal of Honor Special Edition. Included is not just the game itself, but also a fully HD version of the 2002 hit Medal of Honor: Frontline, which I know makes a lot of people happy. Of course, skipping Frontline and playing the new, full (and what looks to be a damn fine game) Medal of Honor is an option too. The beta starts June 21.

If you purchase the Dead Space 2 Special Edition, which is exclusive to the PS3, you will receive Dead Space Extraction as well. Extraction is fully compatible with Move. Sound like a good deal? I thought so. No price was announced for it, but I'd assume 70 bucks, 80 bucks tops. I was already sold on Dead Space 2, but adding this in made me buy it for PS3. Good job, Sony.


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