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E3 ’10: Medal of Honor Beta Next Week

Among the bigger titles from EA's E3 conference was Medal of Honor. It's a big new start for the franchise and EA showed off the game's 24-player multiplayer mode. The multiplayer is being done by an entirely separate team on an entirely separate engine. While EALA toils away at the game's singleplayer with the Unreal 3.0 engine, DICE is hard at work at making the multiplayer on their own Frostbite engine. It look impressive and it doesn't look like DICE has just transferred their Battlefield look and feel onto Medal of Honor's multiplayer, which should help with any identity issues it might have with Bad Company 2. The only problem is how it looks so similar to that other game everyone plays, which is a much bigger problem. At least the sound design is up the usual DICE standards.

The surprise comes from the beta announcement. The beta's happening next week, June 21st, which is sudden, unexpected and awesome. If you own a fresh copy of Bad Company 2, you're halfway there. Pre-order Medal of Honor from retailers involved in the beta program and you're assured a key. For everyone else, just sign up on Medal of Honor's site and cross your fingers. 



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