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E3 ’10: Nintendo 3DS Details

It became clear why Nintendo decided to extend its usual conference to two whole hours. The first-half was devoted to Wii and DS software and numbers to please shareholders, while the second-half was all about Nintendo's next big handheld, the 3DS.

Sporting a design similar to a DSi, the 3DS is the new and true successor to the DS line of handhelds. The biggest element of the 3DS are the 3D capabilities that don't depend on glasses. Just you, the handheld and the games, impressions on the 3D functionality are unanimously positive. It's working and apparently, it's kind of really awesome. It's also completely optional, as it comes with a 3D slider that lets you adjust just how 3D you want it to be.

Despite the 3D being the 3DS's biggest selling point, the fact that its optional is indicative of what the handheld, at its base, is. It has the touchscreen functionality of the DS, but with built-in motion and gyro sensors, it's a sensible evolution. This includes graphical muscle and if you've seen the Kid Icarus trailer, you'll know how capable this system can be.

The 3DS is getting huge support from first and third-parties. Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Paper Mario, Pilotwings, Star Fox. This is going to be big.

Last little tidbit that might as well be official: 3DS remodel in 2012.

I declare that whichever company lights their COO on fire first wins this year's E3.

And we have a winner.


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