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E3 ’10: Portal 2 Coming To PS3

When a sultry AI voice came over the Sony Press Conference's speakers, I was immediately excited. I was a bit confused, sure. But man, GLaDOS! Something about that voice makes me smile. Then Gabe Newell came out, looking like he was about to get attacked by a bunch of Sony fanboys.

He then went on to announce that Portal 2 would be coming to the PS3 and would be ""the best version on any console." Strong words from a man that never seemed to be too into the PS3. It wasn't only that, he also announced full Steamworks support for Portal 2 on the PS3. Which will be the only console to receive that feature.

That definitely was a surprise to all, and I cannot wait for Portal 2 to finally drop in 2011 for PS3, PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. 


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