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E3 2013 Big Company Showcases: The Top 3 Disappointments

Last week's E3 conference had good times for many, but it also had bad times for a few and it had two damn right ugly times for a couple of companies named Sony and Microsoft (honestly, all this technology and they make the next wave in gaming entertainment look like relics from the VCR days). Since the conference ended last week, reactions have continued throughout the gaming world and some of the industry giants have come out of this year's E3 with more fans than they knew they had. Other big time players however failed to impress last weekend and we’ve compiled the top three disappointing companies of the LA gaming convention:

3. Capcom

When a big name like Capcom brings their behinds to a stage like E3, you can bet your life that they are going to dazzle you with all the wonderful things they have planned…or not. Dead Rising 3 was of course a huge and undoubtedly impressive launch for them, but with so many franchises under their proverbial belt, we thought they would have had much more to offer after the above than just Duck Tales and Dungeons and Dragons. We don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, of course we appreciated the open-world, zombie bloodshed that was offered to us with DR3 but when companies such as Ubisoft and Activision knock it so far out of the park, we can’t help but feel a pang of disappointment at Capcom’s turnout. Also, we were kind of hoping that a certain blue bomber might get a mention besides being playable in the next Super Smash Bros…we can dream can’t we?

2. Namco Bandai

Namco failed to shine at E3, especially as the gaming bigwigs made no next-gen announcements. In fact they failed to really do much at all. When it comes to next gen realities though their silence of course doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren't working on a title for the new gaming age. With recent back tracks and considerations of ‘platform strategy’ surrounding Tekken X Street Fighter, we can’t help but be suspicious of what they’re planning to do with the above title as it certainly sounds like they’re up to something. However, whether not these rumors are true, Namco decided not to mention a whisper about the game even though they could have made some kind of nod towards TXSF and let us know what the hell is actually going on. Having said this Dark Souls II is looking delicious, just like that bottle of poison will after three hours of playing it and only one meter of progress to show for it.  

1. Sega

With no Phantasy Star Online 2 revealed as coming to the western world and their only big game at E3 really being Sonic: Lost World, Sega didn't exactly set E3 alight, causing fans to rage on forums and questions to be asked of the gaming giants. Has Sega’s time come to stop trying to compete with the big boys and move on to smaller things? From the sounds of some of their plans, especially the ones that involve them dedicating chunks of time to bringing previous and new games to mobile and tablet systems, perhaps they have already decided on an answer to that question. Of course Sega will never go entirely out of the console game, especially since they have a little blue cash hedgehog to milk until he’s using a zimmer-frame at the Wii Olympics but they may be in danger of losing a lot of fans if they don’t start paying attention to them. From PSO2 to Yakuza 5, Sega have a range of games that their western fans want to see brought to the other side of the world but Sega seem to be either very oblivious or they really are downgrading their operations. Either way it doesn't look like the Xbox One or PS4 will be getting a Sega release in the near future and judging by the competition they'd face if they did, maybe that’s a sound move on the companies part.   


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