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E3 2015 Preview: Bethesda

For the first time ever,  Bethesda will get up on stage and have their own press conference at E3. In years past the company has brought games to E3 and has even had games like Fallout 3 on stage at other companies' conferences. But now Bethesda thinks they have enough big and exciting news to warrant their own event. So, what will be there?
Bethesda Teases Next Dishonored DLC

Remastered and Resold

Rumors seem to imply that Dishonored is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Rating information for a game called “Dishonored:Definitive Edition” has been found. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking to figure out what that could be. Most likely, Dishonored is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. It makes sense. More on that in a moment.
The other possible candidate for a remastered release is Skyrim. A while back a “glitch” on the website caused the Official Bethesda site to show Skyrim as a game that was coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Quickly Bethesda got out there and went “Nope. Just a mistake.” But still the rumor pops up from time to time. Skyrim is STILL selling great on Steam and with Elder Scrolls Online coming to the PS4 and Xbox One you could see a future where people are hungry to jump back into Skyrim. So, Skyrim on PS4 and Xbox One is certainly possible.

The Sequels

So, there might be a Dishonored: Definitive Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One. And that makes sense because it’s a great way to get people talking about Dishonored again. Which you would do if you were...oh I don’t know, making a Dishonored 2? Which it seems they totally are. But don’t expect much to be shown, beyond a brief tease. Rumors say this one is skipping E3.
Another sequel that might pop up in some form is Prey 2. This one might be a bit weird. It was canceled...then un-cancelled and then officially canceled. Rumors about this game have been swirling for awhile now. Officially this one is dead. But never say never. Prey 2 might be dead and to be fair no one will really care. But previews of that game seemed to imply it was growing into something more like Mass Effect. So maybe this game is back in a different form. A new name and some new ideas. And maybe a new studio. Strange things can happen at E3...
Doom is finally going to be shown to the public and not just people at QuakeCon. All the info coming out of QuakeCon sounded positive. Gore, speed, demons and more. It sounds like it’s all there. But Doom 3 had a lot of these things and ended up being a disappointing Doom game. (But an ok scary shooter...thing.) But now we will get to see what the new Doom looks like and I can only hope it is as good as the recent Wolfenstein games. But I am still cautious. Regardless of how Doom turns out, we’ll get to see it at the Bethesda conference. So..let’s hope for the best.
Not really a sequel but I should mention it here, Battlecry will be there. I still have no idea how to feel about Battlecry. A free-to-play game can be really great, really terrible or just completely forgettable. Let’s hope Battlecry is great. (Elder Scrolls Online is also probably going to get name dropped because it is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in June. Hopefully not too much time will be spent on it. I enjoyed the beta. But E3 should be for new games and surprises.)
Fallout 4 to be Announced Soon?

Fallout 4, Finally

I suspect Bethesda will leave this last because the amount of cheering and hooting will be insane. This is the announcement. The finale. The big one. People have been creating rumors and hoax sites for this one for a long time now and it seems that finally, FINALLY Fallout 4 is coming to a console and PC near you.
Which is exciting. My only real fear about the reveal of Fallout 4 is if we will get actual gameplay or just a CGI trailer. Evidence seems to point to a CGI trailer being shown, which is fine. But I think I’m not alone in wanting more than just a fancy looking trailer. I want actual real gameplay. Like the Fallout 3 reveal all those years ago.
No actually... I just want Fallout 4. So gameplay or no gameplay I can’t wait to see the next Fallout game and it looks like we don’t have to wait long.
e3 ad skyrim

Bethesda’s 1st Conference Could Be Great

Bethesda has a chance to steal the show before the doors open and before others even get a chance. Fallout 4 is a huge game that will be met with cheers and applause. But they also have a possible new Dishonored and the new Doom could be great. Who knows, maybe Battlecry will surprise us. And of course there are the surprises that could happen. Wet 2? You never know. (I’m joking. I hope.)
Regardless of Wet 2 or not I expect Bethesda will have a great conference and I can’t wait to see what they show off.
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