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E3 Shed New Light on Dishonored

Amidst the disheartening absence of Bioshock: Infinite, it’s a great thing to know that Arcane studios – the developers behind the first-person hack-and-slash action game Dark Messiah: Might and Magic – are more than happy to fill the void with Dishonored. Dishonored appears to be one part Deus Ex, one part Bioshock and partly Assassin’s Creed's experiences. From the new gameplay footage, all of these combine elements have the potential to become one of the more interesting shooters this fall.

In the gameplay demo shown at E3, the developers shed light on Dishonored’s striking visual aesthetic and wealth of gameplay options. The game features an interesting mix between Neo-Victorian and Cyberpunk elements as the game takes place in a remote city during the 17th century. The difference being that this version of the 1600’s seem to accommodate genetic enhancements, locomotive trains complete with monorails, and tons of other futuristic touches that span well beyond modern society. The first-person gameplay puts you in the shoes of an experienced assassin named Corvo, who’s been wrongly accused of the empresses’ murder. Corvo quickly finds himself on a quest to exact revenge on the nefarious Lord Regent and uncover the shady mysteries in the city of Dunwall.

So, you’re then clad in the boots of this supernatural assassin who has the ability to traverse rooftops with ease, commit silent murders, use a wealth of special powers, and also possess...fish?

Yeah, Dishonored allows Corvo to seep into the mind of a fish to inhabit its body to uncover secret areas and then, with the press of a button, revert to his original form. Now that’s a bullet-point right there. But beyond just being able to use unique powers, Corvo is also a masterful infiltrator with the ability to sneak past heavily guarded areas without a sweat. He can also, at anytime, pull out his razor-sharp knives and start cutting people left-to-right in a similar manner to the combat system in Dark Messiah.

Dishonored looks very impressive thus far and is another promising step forward for a genre that’s grown stagnant with pretentious, me-too military shooters. The game is slated to release in October for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


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