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EA Announces Need for Speed: The Run

EA have announced the latest entry in its long running NFS racing series called Need for Speed: The Run which is set to arrive on PlayStation 3 on November 15 of this year in North America, and November 17 in Europe.  

The trailer EA have released with the announcement spends a large proportion of its runtime setting up atmosphere and story, suggesting the game will have a strong Hollywood style narrative that follows the gameplay. The environments that are shown are varied and dynamic, showing buildings and hillsides exploding as a car drives past them. The cars seen in the trailer are real world sports cars such as an Audi R8, along with a police car and at one point even a helicopter seems to be in pursuit. The end of the video shows a man waking up in an upturned vehicle as a train speeds towards him.  

It’s hard to know exactly what it will play like as no in game screen shots have been shown yet, but from what we have seen so far NFS: The Run seems to be aiming for a mix of NFS: Hot Pursuit with a bit of Hollywood gloss and a storyline that is central to the experience.  Expect to hear more details in the coming weeks.


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