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EA Announces New Game With New Developer

Last night, Electronic Arts revealed a new partnership with a Canadian developer called Trapdoor who will create a new sci-fi game for XBox Live Arcade, PSN and PC.  Little is known about the new development team aside from the fact that they are based in Montreal and that it is headed by Ken Schachter, formerly of Gameloft Montreal, and who is credited with working on the XBox arcade title Prince of Persia Classic a few years ago.

The new game is called Warp and is defined as a top-down, sci-fi, stealth, action game with “hazardous traps and challenging puzzles”.  Little else has been unveiled, and there are no screensots, or even logos available at the time of EA’s press announcement.  Warp will arrive on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in Summer 2011. 

This follows a trend in EA’s pusblishing strategy, as they have recently been partnering with several other small, independent developers for similar downloadable arcade games, including Vanguard Games who will bring us the new twin-stick shooter, Gatling Gear, not to mention  The Fancy Pants Adventures by Over The Top Games and Borne Games and EA 2D.  These follow the recent success of EA’s arcade side-scrolling murderfest Shank by Klei games and the humorous Action RPG Death Spank by Hothead games.


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