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EA Announces Three New Indy Titles

Using EA’s Partners program, three independent developers have signed to make games for PSN, Xbox Live and PC. The three developers; Vanguard Games, Borne Games, and Trapdoor have all already announced titles they are working on.

The first game is Gatling Gears, which is a shooter using twin-stick and is set in the same game world as a previous title from Vanguard Games called Greed Corp. The Fancy Pants Adventures will be a stylized side-scrolling platformer by Borne Games. It will be based on the very popular existing Flash game with the same name. And finally, Warp will be a stealth action game by Trapdoor with puzzles and a top down view.

None of these titles have a release date yet, but all are scheduled for some time in spring/summer next year. We will give you more details when we get them. 


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