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EA at E3 2012: Covering Shooters

EA held their E3 conference at 1pm PST today and wouldn’t you know it, they had some games with guns in them. I for one was completely astonished, but apparently people still like shooting things in a virtual gaming world.

Electronic Arts opened with the third-person shooter from Visceral Games – Dead Space 3. A gameplay demonstration was shown of co-op campaign multiplayer. Isaac Clarke was running around draped in his patented illuminated future space suit and he was accompanied with a friend sporting the same digs. They were shown firing an assortment of weapons and the gameplay demonstrated some new cover-shooting, rolling, and movement mechanics. The two cooperative players ripped apart some necromorphs and made their way to some sort of a giant beast that, after some interesting fighting mechanics were displayed, ate Isaac whole. The camera perspective was then pulled down into the innards of the creature. For anyone closter phobic this scene may be…uncomfortable. Isaac is squeezed this way and that as the muscles of the monster’s esophagus push him deep into its belly where Isaac then seems to splash into a pool of stomach acid. Good thing he has the suit on.

DICE was showing off their Battlefield 3 Premium pack as well. You can buy the pack ($49.99) today on PS3 and it will also be available next week on PC and 360. The premium edition includes all 5 expansion packs, exclusive in-game items, new features, exclusive double XP events, and insider tactics from DICE.

Next was Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This new MoH showcased some impressive visuals and modern combat amongst the most elite warriors across the world. Some of the single-player campaign was shown which included a covert-looking remote controlled vehicle with a machine gun and concussion weapon attached to it and some interesting time-slowing features after breaching a hostile doorway. Also while breaching the door, different tactics where offered for optional ways to open the door. It seemed as though one troop was able to silently test to see if the door was simply already unlock. After discovering it was locked, you’re then able to choose from kicking it down, shooting the hinges with a shotgun, and other options as well. These featuers made MoH look a bit more complex than a simple run-n-gun FPS.

After the single-player was shown, EA then presented a glimpse at the multiplayer. Not much was there to go on, but they put an emphasis on multiplayer competition from across the world with faction systems and allegiances to specific countries and the warriors that fight for them. 

EA wrapped up with a premier look at Crysis 3 from developer Crytek. The gameplay premier took us through a bit of the dome that is the futuristic environment of New York City. Some of the new weaponry was shown and it would seem that much of the weapons of the future are inspired by the past, a lot of the killing was done by some sort of high-tech bow that had a variety of different uses depending on what projectile was chosen to be loosed from it.


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