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EA Details Bonus Mission And Character For Dragon Age 2 Pre-Order

For the last month or so, Electronic Arts, and game retailers have been encouraging consumers to pre-order the Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition, by promising “$20 of Additional Value”.  The nature of this extra content has been vague, only saying it will include a bonus character and missions. Today EA explained just who this new character will be and what the additional missions will involve. 

In “The Exiled Prince”, players will meet and join forces with Sebastian, a priest of noble birth, who’s family has been murdered, forcing him to reclaim his royal title.  This tale of murder most foul, and a melancholy prince seeking vengeance has have three missions, will be available on launch day, and gives players the opportunity to recruit Sebastian into a follower for the remainder of game.

If you miss the pre-order cut-off date, you can still get The Exiled Prince as a download for seven dollars.  Other items already announced for the Signature Edition include a downloadable soundtrack, and a “Digital Armory” with extra weapons for your character.  While all of this is certainly nice as a pre-order bonus, I’m not sure that gamers will agree with EA’s math.  Does a seven-dollar DLC, plus the soundtrack, and a Digital Armory add up to the “Twenty dollars of additional value” promised in this offer?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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