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EA Discusses Origin and Free-to-Play Titles

Earlier last week, Electronic Arts' CFO, Eric Brown, traveled to the Citi 2011 Tech Conference, talking about Battlefield 3 preorders and the current release status of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now, he has discussed the success of Origin and free-to-play games from EA.

According to Brown, the Origin client has been installed by 3.9 million users. A full-on replacement for the EA Store, Origin serves as a hub and infrastructure for downloading and playing PC games, as well as ordering boxed products for other platforms. Though it currently only offers games published by EA, Brown reaffirmed the company's intent to begin selling other third-party software through the service.

The various franchises that EA has brought to the free-to-play business model have been quite successful, according to Brown. As examples, he stated that Battlefield Play4Free has brought in 1.4 million users, and 600,000 users have played Dragon Age Legends. These are the least successful examples, as Need for Speed World and Battlefield Heroes have brought in 7 million users apiece. 

It's good to know that free-to-play is working out for Electronic Arts, and Origin has been successful as of now. We'll have to see how it does as more games become available for the service.


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